Crime in Denmark remains low

Only one in seven Danes fell victim to crime last year

Following the record low crime rates of 2014, Denmark’s overall crime statistics for 2015 remained low, according to the annual victimisation survey carried out by the Justice Ministry and University of Copenhagen.

Only one in seven Danish citizens fell victim to a crime in 2015 compared to one in four in 1987, when 25 percent of all Danes aged 16-74 were exposed to either theft, violence or vandalism.

Last year, just 10 percent of Danes experienced theft, 4 percent fell victim to vandalism and 1.3 percent were exposed to violence.

“Overall, I am pleased that crimes such as violence and theft remain relatively rare in Denmark,” stated the justice minister, Søren Pind.

“Figures for 2015 show that we live in a safe society where crime does not characterise everyday life.”

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Increase in rapes
The new survey revealed a slight increase in sexual assaults and attempted ones.

Nearly 2 percent of women said they experienced some form of sexual violence over the past five years, but only one in four reported the sexual assault to police.

According to the Justice Ministry, in four out of 10 cases the attacker was either their current or former partner.

The victimisation survey is based on interviews with a representative sample of the Danish population.