First class shake-up at PostNord to blame for third class results

Post Denmark’s owner suffers large third quarter loss

Fewer letters are being sent in Denmark. The lack of post means less work for postmen and less revenue for PostNord, the owner of Post Danmark.

Between July and September, PostNord lost 101 million Swedish kroner – the equivalent of about 75 million Danish kroner.

One of the main reasons is that Danes sent 17 percent fewer letters in the period.

“The decrease is mainly due to poor results in Denmark and Sweden as a result of the decline in letter volumes,” said PostNord head Håkan Ericsson.

A-post gone
The number of letters being sent in Denmark has fallen steadily since the end of last year – particularly those by first class following an increase in the cost.

About 50 million letters were sent via A-post in the last three months of 2015, but between July and September this year, the number was just 20 million.

On July 1, A-post was discontinued and replaced with Quickbrev, which at 27 kroner a letter is 8 kroner more expensive than A-post.

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The declining mail volume has cost hundreds of jobs. As recently as September, 770 employees were dismissed from Post Denmark.