Netto to double number of 24/7 stores

Danes can shop all day and night in Solrød, Næstved, Vejle and Roskilde

Following its great success in Denmark’s major cities, discount supermarket chain Netto has decided to double the number of its stores that are open around the clock.

From November 1, the Danes will have the opportunity to shop all day and night at a total of 30 stores located in the big cities, but also in smaller towns like Solrød, Næstved, Vejle, Roskilde and Nykøbing.

Dorte Wimmer, an expert in consumer behaviour and retail, believes the expansion will affect how supermarkets operate in the future.

“I think these flexible opening hours will become a norm in a few years, just like it is now normal that stores are open on Sundays,” Wimmer told Ekstra Bladet.

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Popular among night workers
The first 24/7 Netto stores opened on a trial basis in 2014 in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

According to Brian Seemann, the country manager for Netto Denmark, the shops are proving particularly popular between 22:00 and 01:00 and between 05:00 and 08:00.

They are particularly popular among young people and those who work at night, and also among families who get up early.

Netto, which is owned by Dansk Supermarked, operates 465 stores across Denmark and another 861 shops in Germany, Poland and Sweden.