Controversial artist sued by notorious Mohammed cartoonist for breaching copyright law

Kurt Westergaard is suing Uwe Max Jensen for his depiction of an iconic photo of a refugee girl playing with a Danish policeman

The controversial ‘Mohammed Cartoons’ artist Kurt Westergaard, whose work sparked outrage around the Muslim world in 2005 and 2006, is suing the controversial artist Uwe Max Jensen for 100,000 kroner.

Westergaard claims that Jensen was in breach of the copyright law when he painted his satirical depiction of the famous photo of a girl from Syria sitting down and playing with a Danish policeman as the first wave of refugees made their way along a Danish motorway last September.

Jensen’s version has replaced the little girl’s face with a depiction of Westergaard’s most famous drawing, the ‘Mohammed Cartoon’ in which the prophet is wearing a bomb in his turban.

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Uwe did what?
Jensen is also being sued for 40,000 kroner by Michael Drost-Hansen, the photographer who snapped the photo of the girl and policeman (see it here).

The artist, however, has no intention of paying the money.

“I neither can nor wish to pay 140,000 kroner as I don’t believe their copyright has been breached,” Jensen said.

“In my opinion it’s about DJ [Danish Union of Journalists] and those involved wanting to prevent anyone from satirising Islam. So now the case is ending up in court.”

See Jensen’s depiction of the iconic photo here

Jensen has turned heads before with a number of artistic ‘happenings’ such as reinacting the decapitation of the Little Mermaid while naked.

He was also arrested in 2014 for trying to walk butt-naked through the streets of Viborg holding a bible and a koran in a happening entitled ‘Black white Christian Muslim united’.