Man held on suspicion he posed as a police officer and raped a woman in rural Denmark

Assailant reportedly told woman he was a police officer

The police have arrested a young man under suspicion that he grabbed a female cyclist and took her to a secluded area in Silkeborg in Jutland and raped her.

A woman out walking her dog in Silkeborg on Sunday evening found a bag and a bike lying unattended on a road. She thought it looked suspicious and alerted the police just before 7 pm. The police then spoke to the woman who reported the bike and bag, and also to two men standing at a nearby bus stop.

After the two men left, a woman stumbled out of a nearby thicket.

“She comes from Eritrea and was very hard to understand, so we needed to find a translator,” Jens Claumarch from Mid and West Jutland Police told TV2 News. The 27-year-old woman who lives in Silkeborg told police she had been raped.

“When we examined the place where the rape was alleged to have occurred, we found a used condom,” Claumarch said.

Already at the scene
The woman told police she was cycling by and was stopped by a man who claimed to be a policeman. She said she was pulled very violently from her bike and into the bushes.

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Based on the woman’s description of the man – she claims he looked about 23 –the police have determined that the alleged attacker was one of the men waiting at the bus shelter when they arrived and duly arrested him.