Danish ID border control with Sweden extended again

Øresund commuters can look forward to three more months of bother

If you are one of the thousands of people commuting across Øresund Bridge, Christmas has unfortunately not come early.

The more stringent – and annoying if you are an Øresund commuter – ID border control between Denmark and Sweden for bus, train and ferries has been extended for another three months.

The decision was made today during an extraordinary government meeting, according to the Swedish infrastructure minister Anna Johansson.

The temporary Swedish legislation regarding the ID control between the two countries was set to expire on Friday and a new decision regarding the border control in both nations are expected to be made before November 12.

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Border spectacle
The news comes on the heels of 565 Øresund commuters demanding 25 million kroner from the Swedish state in compensation for their lost income due to its ID border controls.

Since the heightened border ID control between Denmark and Sweden was established last December, commuters have experienced longer travel times, unclear arrival times, poorer travel quality and fatigue, among other negatives.

A survey this June revealed that 64 percent of those commuting by train across Øresund have experienced increased stress levels since the border ID control was established.