Major department store chain to open seventh location in Denmark

Magasin to open shop in Aalborg by 2018

In 2018, shoppers in and around Aalborg can look forward to department store icon Magasin opening its seventh Danish location in that northern Jutland city.

“We invest part of our profits in modernisation, new service experiences and multiple brands,” said Magasin chief financial officer Peter Fabricius.

“We are also investing in a brand new Magasin which we are pleased to say will be opening in Aalborg.”

Going downtown, baby
The new department store will be part of the Friis Shopping Center, which is owned by Danica Pension. Magasin will be investing around 100 million kroner in the new store.

“We want to be one of Europe’s most successful department stores in fashion and design,” said Fabricius.

“Our ambition is to create and develop a shopping experience you will not find elsewhere in the city.”

Location, location, location
Aalborg has been high Magasin’s wish list for several years.

“Aalborg serves as cultural hub and trade centre for many people across northern Jutland,” said Fabricius.

“The city is developing rapidly with a strong economy and a vibrant learning environment, and we see that as a really good match.”

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The new Magasin in Aalborg will cover over 7,500 square metres.