Danish soldiers to get arm tablets

New equipment expected to improve communication in the field and data analysis

Danish Defence has decided to equip soldiers in the field with arm tablets to improve combat communication and ensure effective data analysis of enemy movements.

“If there’s someone hiding behind the bushes, you can see if it’s your mate or if it’s the enemy and then let the others know,” Major Henrik Parsig told online magazine Version 2.

The tablets are currently being produced and will be first tested for safety and usability before the armed forces decide whether to use them in the field.

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Needs to be easy to use
“Safety must, of course, be paramount, but we also have to remember that the user is at war and has to simultaneously fire a rifle and wear goggles and gloves whilst operating the tablet,” Parsig stressed.

“So if he has to first scan his finger and type three passwords, it will not be implemented.”

The major has also admitted that some soldiers in the field, who are currently using a radio, may find the transition to the new equipment challenging.

The tablets’ indisputable advantage is their ability to process large volumes of data to identify new patterns and correlations about the enemy’s behaviour and provide more accurate information about the terrain.