About Town: Vita, Virginia, Vivienne, they were all there!

A well-deserved glass of champagne was in order for Sue Hansen-Styles and Nathalie Johnston of Why Not Theatre company following the premiere of their play Vita & Virginia (see cphpost.dk for our five-star review) at Teatret ved Sorte Hest on October 28.

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The talented Nathalie Johnston (left) and Sue Hansen-Styles.

They then joined crew and friends, including director Barry McKenna and Vivienne McKee, to enjoy the rest of the evening.

The play runs until November 19 – the same day that the cast of That Theatre’s ‘Proof’ will take their final bow.


Following their premiere on October 19, the cast Rasmus Mortensen, Isabella Orlowska, director Claus Bue, Ian Burns and Sira Stampe gathered for a team shot before heading to the bar to greet friends – the same friends in some cases! It’s a small world after all.

Photo HASSE FERROLD: GREAT GREAT GREAT 6 STARS-GO SEE IT: THAT THEATRE COPENHAGEN : NEW: "PROOF" - Oct. 19. - 19 November. 2016. Mon. - Fri. 20:00. Sat. pm. 17:00 INFO www.that-theatre.com Actress Isabella Orlowska is GOLD for any Theatre. Proof – There’s a fine line between genius and madness Photo 1: The Ambassadors of Poland and India with Spouses. 2-4: The Crew. 5: Representation of the ENGLISH "THEATRE WORLD" in Copenhagen. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, David Auburn’s Proof is a passionate, intelligent story about fathers and daughters, the nature of genius, and the power of love. Catherine has inherited her late father’s mathematical brilliance, but she is haunted by the fear that she might also share his debilitating mental illness. Caught between a new-found connection with Hal, one of her father’s former students, and the reappearance of her sister, Claire, Catherine finds both her world and her mind growing increasingly unstable. Then Hal discovers a groundbreaking proof Catherine’s father left behind, and she is forced to question how much of her father’s genius or madness will she inherit. MANUSKRIPT David Aubum INSTRUKTION Claus Bue MEDVIRKENDE Isabella Orlowska, Sira Stampe, Rasmus Mortensen, Ian Burns Educational material Fra 15 år Oct. 19. – 19 November. 2016 Mon. – Fri. 20:00 Sat. pm. 17:00 www.that-theatre.com / pr@that-theatre.com /