Come again; that can’t be Danish they’re speaking in ‘Black Mirror’?

No, you’re not hallucinating, the villagers terrorised by ‘roaches’ in the cult Netflix series really are speaking the local lingo

It might surprise some Danish viewers of the acclaimed TV series ‘Black Mirror’ when they realise the villagers in the episode ‘Men Against Fire’ are actually speaking their mother tongue.

Set in Denmark
Set in a dystopian future like the rest of the series, episode five of season three introduces us to a group of soldiers hunting roaches (human mutants)  terrorising villagers on a nondescript barren landscape.

And it transpires that the nondescript barren landscape is Denmark – somewhere in north Zealand would be our guess.

Two Danish actors, Kavé Niku and Thomas Thoroe, do their best to give their Danish a Slavic lilt, but there’s no mistaking the lingo, which the soldiers use a handy translation tool to interpret.

Not the first time
It’s not the first time there’s been a Danish link to ‘Black Mirror’, which is now produced by Netflix.

The kidnapper in its very first episode, ‘The National Anthem’, maintains that he won’t kill Britain’s favourite princess providing the PM is broadcast having intercourse with a pig whilst adhering to the rules of Dogme 95.

Dogme 95 strictly adhered to!
Dogme 95 strictly adhered to!