Copenhagen hosting anti-IS coalition meeting

Representatives of the international community meeting in the Danish capital today

High-ranking officials from 25 nations, along with representatives from the UN and the EU, will be in Copenhagen today to take part in an anti-Islamic State meeting.

The meeting, in which Iraqi representatives will also participate, will discuss the ongoing military effort against IS and the current situations in the Iraqi city of Mosul and Syria.

“IS is under pressure on the battlefield, but we can’t win the battle with military might alone,” said the foreign minister and host of the meeting today, Kristian Jensen.

“So we must ensure that the coalition – in close co-operation with the Iraqi government – can deliver a quick, efficient and co-ordinated effort to stabilise the areas IS has been driven back from. Denmark recently announced a contribution of 332.5 million kroner to stabilisation initiatives in Iraq and Syria.”

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Turning point
Jensen went on to say it was imperative to be prepared and ready to act when IS was gone: the establishment of basic services such as water, electricity, health services and mine clearing.

The meeting will also focus on the current Iraqi coalition offensive in Mosul – the liberation of which would be a “turning point in the fight against IS”, according to Jensen.