New agreement gives Danish military easier access to neighbouring countries

Defence minister makes agreement for closer defence ties in the Nordic region

An agreement entered into on Wednesday by the defence minister, Peter Christensen, with his counterparts in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland will make it easier for the Danish military to gain access to the other Nordic countries’ maritime and land territories, and vice versa.

“With today’s agreement we are creating even closer defence ties in the Nordic region,” said Christensen.

“We are paving the way for a flexible and efficient use of our close Nordic ties and creating an important basis for strengthening security in the region.”

Easier movement
Christensen said the agreement will, among other things, make it easier to operate in the Baltic Sea region, including in relation to controlling Russian aircraft. It will now be possible for Danish defence units to cross the territory of other countries to reject foreign aircraft heading towards Danish airspace.

The agreement, ‘Easy Access’, also includes countries having  easier passage across borders during training and other exercises.

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The deal fell into place after 12 countries met on Wednesday at Frederiksberg Castle to discuss Nordic Defence and the security situation.