Young Danish woman has started – but not finished – 23 separate educations

Stina admits she’s in it for the money

Stina, a 32-year-old Danish woman, admits she has been abusing Denmark’s state-allocated student allowance, SU, for years.

She has enrolled in 23 different educational programs – not to get an education, but instead to get the SU attached to the course of study. It was enough money to put her on the radar of Kenneth Hansen and Carsten Linnemann form the TV3 program ‘Luksusfælden’ (the luxury trap).

“From 2013 until now we can see that you have been paid 218,000 kroner in SU,” said the hosts. “Money paid by Danish society to you, and you have not completed a single education.”

“Everybody does it”
According to Stina, she has started a few courses she was interested in.

“I just didn’t finish,” she told the program makers.

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Under the current rules, a student can get SU to start five different educations, unless they are ordered to undertake training to keep their state support, according to

Stina’s friend Katja wasn’t convinced her friend had done anything wrong.

“I think everyone has taken an education just to get the money,” she said.