Cinders has taken the pumpkins and now Christmas can begin

Nov 19-Jan 3; Tivoli Gardens, Vesterbrogade 3, Cph V; 99kr;
Dec 1-30: ‘The Nutcracker’ at Tivoli Concert Hall, 195-595kr,
Not after the last Halloween pumpkins have transformed into golden carriages and the scary witches have flown away, Tivoli will begin its Christmas season.

Enjoy enchanted walks under the countless fairy lights, get carried away by cheerful Christmas carols, visit a market bursting with festive treats and, if you did not eat too many honey-roasted almonds, take a jolly ride on one of the gut-wrenching rollercoasters.

And while there is no Christmas without Tivoli, there is no Tivoli without The Nutcracker. The classic ballet premiered at the Tivoli Concert Hall back in 2012 with Queen Margrethe as the set and costume designer, and now it is returning to the Tivoli stage to continue captivating both young and old with a unique story set in 1870s Copenhagen filled with nimble-toed sugar plum fairies, glittering Christmas trees and twinkling stars.

Follow the protagonist Clara as she is drawn into the world of fairy-tales, get seduced by all the magic, and leave Tivoli completely curled up in the Christmas spirit.