New Danish government in the works

Venstre has invited Konservative and Liberal Alliance to bolster minority government

On Friday afternoon the minority Venstre government teamed up with Dansk Folkeparti (DF), Konservative (K) and Liberal Alliance (LA) for the 2017 budget agreement. Now, Venstre are looking to team up with the latter two parties once again to form a new government.

Teaming up with LA and K won’t give Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen and Venstre a majority government, but the hope is that the threesome will bolster the proceedings.

“I know that it’s the four-leaf clover that brings luck, but there are more three-leaf clovers around and that’s a good symbolism,” Rasmussen said according to TV2 News.

“If we create a government, then it won’t be for the few, but the many.”

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V,K, LA: Thick as thieves
The Prime Minister has reportedly already extended invitations to join the government to LA and K and has met with the leadership of both parties.

Should the parties accept, which is looking increasingly likely, Danish politics will be in for yet another round of ministerial musical chairs, as LA and K leaders are manoeuvred into position.

Negotiations are expected to commence today and are expected to be fruitful. According to a recent report from the data analysis firm Buhl & Rasmussen, Venstre, LA and K voted the same in 85 percent of the time since the general election in June 2015.