The whole world is talking about Italian cuisine

From November 21-24, the Embassy of Italy and the Italian Institute of Culture – in co-operation with Carne Famo, L’Altro, Maio Restaurant and Parma & Pasta – are bringing the ‘First Week of Italian Cuisine in the World’ to Copenhagen.

Yesterday, guests were provided a unique gastronomic grand tour of different regional Italian cuisines at some of Copenhagen’s tastiest Italian restaurants, starting with a tasting at Parma & Pasta in Lyngby.

The tasting began with an Italian classic, prosciutto

The purpose of this program is to present the traditional elements of Italian cuisine to their guests through various events such as tastings and cooking demos, run by public and private entities. Over 100 countries are participating in what is the start of their annual event.

The starting prosciutto dish was paired with fresh Gorgonzolla.
The starting prosciutto dish was paired with a scoop of soft Gorgonzola.

The Week of Italian Cuisine in the World also offers the opportunity to present the new logo for ‘The Extraordinary Italian Taste’. At Parma & Pasta, the guests were more than pleased with the spread and got an authentic and quite extraordinary taste of the country’s cooking. Some other dishes included fresh mozzarella, fried dough and ravioli.

Parma & Pasta incorporated a play on flavors, blending sweet and savory elements in the dishes.

Italian food is not complete without dessert. This tasting ended on a sweet note with a sweet cream and gelato and, of course, wine!


According to Italian ambassador Stefano Queirolo Palmas, Italian cuisine is an essential part of his country’s lifestyle. This kind of program encourages people to acknowledge the effort that goes into Italian cooking and cuisine.

“This is a way of spreading that knowledge,” contends Palmas.