Danish trade gaining foothold in Pakistan

FOSS among companies from Denmark reaping rich rewards

As a nation that consists of some 200 million people, a growing middle class and stable growth, Pakistan is a lucrative market for any country. Denmark is certainly no exception.

Earlier this month, Denmark launched its first official business delegation to Pakistan – with a focus on food products and agriculture – and Ejvind Vøgg, a chief consultant with Dansk Industri (DI), the confederation for Danish industry, contends the future is looking bright.

“Fears over the security situation have deterred many international companies from going in, so the Pakistanis have mostly traded with companies from the region – such as China, which has been cheap, but that has also been reflected in the quality.

“This situation has made the nation hungry for good quality, and they are willing to pay for it, which is unique in the region.”

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No fuss for FOSS
One of the Danish companies to already enjoy significant results in Pakistan is FOSS, which offers analytical solutions for the testing of food and agricultural products.

FOSS, which has operated in Pakistan since 2012, doubled its turnover in 2016 and expects a similar development to take place in 2017.

“Of course it’s from a low point of departure, but we encounter overwhelming interest and not once has the price been a stumbling point,” said Michael Vinther Møller, the area sales manager for FOSS.

“They go for quality and credibility, and once you are in, they are faithful customers. I have had some great experience in places, including Africa, and I have been surprised at how well everything works here. It’s more secure than in Kenya, the infrastructure functions surprisingly well, and we are well received everywhere.”

Next month, another Danish delegation with travel to Pakistan – this time with a focus on the water sector.

(photo: Ole Thonke)
(photo: Ole Thonke)