Syrian refugee arrested trying to enter Denmark with bomb-making material

20-year-old was stopped at the Danish border for not being able to present a valid ID

A Syrian refugee with ties to Islamic State (IS) has been arrested in Germany following attempts to enter Denmark with bomb-making material.

According to the state prosecutor in Stuttgart, the 20-year-old attempted to enter Denmark via the ferry from Puttgarden to Rødby, but was rejected after not being able to present a valid passport or ID.

The man was then arrested as he made his way back to southern Germany. His bag contained materials that could be used to produce a bomb. The materials, which can legally be purchased at a hardware shop, included 10,000 matches that police suspect he wanted to build a detonator with.

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No Danish response
The police believe the man has tried to enter Denmark with the materials to possibly meet up with contact persons, although no evidence of a potential bombing target has been found.

The German authorities were monitoring the man, but until last weekend, they didn’t have enough to go on besides general suspicion.

The man is a known IS sympathiser who lives in the refugee camp in Baden-Württemberg in Germany.

The Danish intelligence agency PET has yet to comment on the news.