Winter for Kids: Sledging, skating, superkids, and Scrooge!

The Wolf Hills
all year-round; Ulvedalene, Klampenborg; free adm
Who says fun can’t come cheap? Filled with green wild grass in the summer and snowy and picturesque in winter, the Wolf Hills are the ultimate playground – all-natural and refreshing.

A treasure well-known among Danes, this opening in the middle of Dyrehave brings outs the hyperactive child in you.
The different hills vary in steepness, accommodating different levels of adventurousness.

Families who come here often bring rather primitive snow-gliding gear: a classic wooden bench-sledge, a snowboard or even just a cosplay superhero shield! (MC)

Fireworks Festival
Dec 25-26, 21:00, Dec 29-31, 23:00; Tivoli Gardens, Vesterbrogade 3, Cph V; 99kr;
On Christmas holidays the sky over central Copenhagen will be lit up by a rainbow of colours as Tivoli hosts its Fireworks Festival. This year’s festival is the 12th in Tivoli’s history, presenting different fireworks dedicated to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s.

The classical Christmas colours will dominate from December 25-30, while a spectacular show to greet 2017 will take place on New Year’s Eve. You can experience the fireworks best from the area in front of the Open Air Stage – in front of the Glassalen theatre and Nimb restaurant. (KL)

Flying Superkids
Dec 27, 18:30, Dec 28, 16:00; Valby Hallen, Julius Andersens Vej 3, Cph SV; 210-260kr;
Cirque de Soleil crashes into High School Musical in a non-stop fast moving mix of acrobatics, gymnastics, music and comedy. Expect plenty of airborne twists and turns as the Flying Superkids launch themselves skywards from trampolines and tumble energetically.

A home-grown phenomenon, the troupe started in 1967 and has gradually evolved into an international act traversing over 35 countries. The young high-fliers are hand-picked from the Gymnastikgården club in Aarhus and are aged between 7 and 21. (PS)

Frederiksberg skating Rink
Nov 26-Dec 31, Mon-Fri 11:00-21:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-21:00; Jan 1-Feb 26, Mon-Fri 11:00-19:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-20:00; Frederiksberg Runddel, Frederiksberg; free adm, skate rental 50kr
While there are a number of rinks around town, few can compete with Frederiksberg Runddel when it transforms itself into a winter wonderland.

Perhaps you fancy yourself as the next Torville or Dean, or maybe you are more than happy to get a cold bum as you fumble your way around the other skaters by the entrance to Frederiksberg Garden.

If you’ve got your own skates, then the rink is yours all day. For those of us less prepared, you can rent a pair. (AC)

Tivoli Xmas Season
ends Jan 3; 99kr;
Enjoy enchanted walks under the countless fairy lights, get carried away by cheerful Christmas carols, visit a market bursting with festive treats and, if you did not eat too many honey-roasted almonds, take a jolly ride on one of the gut-wrenching rollercoasters. (KL)

A Christmas Carol
ends Dec 18, Mon-Fri 09:30 & 11:30, Sat & Sun 13:00 & 15:00; Open Air Museum, Kongens Lyngby; 40-165kr;
The Bernhard Olsen Teater’s Danish-language version of the Dickensian classic has trimmed off the dark elements of the original to present a shorter version ideal for the little ones. (BH)

Paper sculpting
ongoing-Dec 15, Thu 15:00-17:00; Gentofte Hovedbibliotek, Ahlmanns Allé 6, Hellerup; free adm,, ages 5-12
Just a tad of creativity, a piece of paper and your kiddies are all set up to participate in a fun paper-sculpting workshop at Gentofte’s main library. (KL)

In Detectives’ Shoes
ongoing, ends Jan 29, Tue-Sun 11:00-16:00; Hirschsprung Collection, Stockholmsgade 20, Cph Ø; 95kr,; ages 7-12
Can you find the hidden inscription on the painting? Can you tell what’s written on that crumpled newspaper? Bring your family and become art detectives equipped with binoculars. (KL)

Baking for children
ongoing, ends Jan 22, every Sat 11:00-13:00; Children’s Museum, Svanholmsvej 3A, Frederiksberg; 1,050kr incl products (950kr for members);
You can forget about hiding the chocolate cookies! This is a workshop where the little ones learn to bake their own pastry treats! Don’t say we didn’t warn you. (KL)

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