News in Digest: Abuse a widespread problem

Over half of all women aged under 35 have been sexually harassed

A majority in Parliament wants to ensure that men with a history of domestic abuse can’t bring new spouses into Denmark via family reunification – even if they have never been convicted. A survey at women’s refuge shelters has shown it is a common problem.

“Some men bring an Asian or eastern European woman to Denmark, then beat and rape them, and when she wants a divorce, they get a new one,” Mattias Tesfaye, the Socialdemokratiet MP behind the proposal, told DR.
However, while Venstre praised the intent, it said it could not support something that went against one of Denmark’s founding rules of law: that you are innocent until proven guilty.

Violence, then abuse
Meanwhile, a survey for the union magazine Fagbladet 3F has revealed that 57 percent of Danish women aged 18-35 have been sexually harassed at some point in their life – and 17.5 percent of men.

It can start early. According to a YouGov survey, only 16 percent of those aged 18-29 who have been sexually abused report the incident to the authorities.
And according to a new survey by Børnerådet, the national council for children, 17 percent of Danish children aged 12-13 have experienced some form of physical violence at home over the past year.