Denmark second in the world at fostering talent

Christian Wenande
November 30th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Only the Swiss are better in the 2016 IMD World Talent Report

Danes ranks first (photo: IMD World Competitiveness Center)

When it comes to developing, investing in, attracting and retaining talent, Denmark is among the very best in the world, according to the 2016 IMD World Talent Report (here in English).

Ranking 61 nations according to their ability to compete in terms of fostering talent, the report listed Denmark second overall, behind only Switzerland – the same position as last year for the Danes.

“Denmark has once again come a commendable second place,” said Charlotte Rønhof, a deputy director at Dansk Industri, the confederation of Danish industry.

“Among other reasons, it’s down to Danish companies focusing on attracting and retaining talent and employee motivation being high. We are pleased about that.”

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Can’t spank the Swiss
The ranking is based on scores in three central areas: Investment & Development, Appeal, and Readiness. Denmark ranked first for I&D, third for Readiness and 11th for Appeal (in which the cost of living was a sizeable detractor).

Since 2007, Denmark has never been ranked below third in the IMD World Talent Report, but it has been unable to wrestle first place away from the Swiss during that time.

Belgium came third, and Sweden and the Netherlands made up the top five. Finland, Norway, Austria, Luxembourg and China Hong Kong completed the top ten.

Other notables included Germany (11), Canada (12), the US (14), Iceland (16), Australia (17), the UK (20), France (28), Japan (30), South Korea (38), Russia (41), China Mainland (43), Brazil (45) and India (60).


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