Human error behind Danish friendly-fire attack in Syria

Initiatives launched to prevent a similar tragedy in the future

The US-led investigation into the accidental Coalition bombing of Syrian government forces on September 17, which Danish F-16 fighters took part in, has found that human error was to blame.

According to a statement by a US brigadier general, Richard ‘Tex’ Coe, the unfortunate incident was the result of human error in several stages of the process of attack, which led to the bombing of irregular Syrian forces (forces without visible uniforms) instead of the target, which was Islamic State forces.

“It is important that we are open about our efforts and investigate every credible suspicion of mistaken attacks, as was the case here,” said Denmark’s new defence minister, Claus Hjort Frederiksen.

“The Danish Defence and the Coalition has already launched supplemental initiatives to hopefully avoid similar instances in the future.

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62 dead, more injured
The ill-fated attack took place near Dayr Az Zawr in Syria as part of the international operation Inherent Freedom and cost the lives of a reported 62 Syrian forces, while scores were injured.