Vinyl making big comeback in Denmark

More Danes realising that vinyl records are an experience as much as music

There’s something about vinyl that just feels better.

Whether it’s the uniqueness of an LP player or those grainy but high quality sounds coming out of the speakers, owning an LP player turns the tables on any old mp3, CD or streaming platform.

Sure it’s inflexible on many parallels compared to other mediums, but the sound that comes through as that old needle dances around the record just can’t be surpassed. And it looks like more Danes are beginning to feel that way too.

Vinyl record sales totalled 12.3 million kroner last year – up from 7.6 million in 2014 – and now account for 16.5 percent of music sales on physical mediums in Denmark.

“It’s about vinyl’s tactile and visual qualities giving people a much-needed music experience, which allows for more modality than what the digital services have been able to provide,” Kristoffer Rom, the head of Danish Independent Labels, said according to

“And I don’t think it’s a bubble that will burst anytime soon.”

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Massive market
Last year vinyl records accounted for 2.7 percent of the total music sales market, which was dominated by streaming services such as Spotify and Tidal at 71.3 percent.

The increase in popularity is also reflected in the change in price of used LPs over the past five to ten years – from about 100 kroner for a normal record in 2001 to 300 kroner in 2016.

According to new figures from the online marketplace Den Blå Avis (DBA), the number of vinyl records for sale on its site has increased by 13 percent compared to last year. It now has around 23,000 records listed for sale.