Danish bad guy Mads Mikkelsen completes the set with video game appearance

Actor excited to explore yet another unknown world

Movies, TV series, adverts, music videos and now video games – it looks like Mads Mikkelsen is going for the full set.

If there was an award for the world’s most versatile actor, this Dane would surely be first in line to receive the prize!

The world’s best known one-eyed movie villain is continuously busy – from appearing in Star Wars to being Rihanna’s bitch – and now he’s appearing in a video game.

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Death Strandling
Kojima Productions confirmed the appearance of Mads Mikkelsen in the video game ‘Death Stranding’ when it debuted its new trailer during the Game Awards 2016.

‘’This is something that I had never encountered before and it’s a wonderful opportunity to dive into that world” Mikkelsen told IGN Entertainment.

The new video game falls under the action genre featuring ‘open world’ elements, and it’s intended for the Playstation 4.

It portrays a dystopian post-apocalyptic world in which Mads plays the lead antagonist, the commander of a skeleton army with floating tentacles.

The producers of the game are keeping it as mysterious as possible by releasing vivid trailers without any actual information about the game, leaving their fans waiting in anticipation.

Mikkelsen, meanwhile, is no stranger to surprising his fans, leading them to wonder where this famous villain may be off to next time?