Fewer Danish teens getting pregnant

Girls are more educated and prefer to start a family at an older age

The number of teenage mothers in Denmark has fallen by 40 percent from 995 in 2008 to 584 last year.

The decline in teenage pregnancies is even sharper compared to 1973, when 4,708 females under the age of 20 had a baby.

Mogens Nygaard Christoffersen, a senior researcher from the Danish National Centre for Social Research, explains that teenage girls receive more effective sex education and many highly-educated women prefer to wait until they finish their studies.

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Fewer teen abortions
“In reality it is a bit of a shame, because for many women it is difficult to get pregnant when they reach a certain age,” Christoffersen told Metroxpress.

The average age for first-time mothers in Denmark is 29.1.

The number of teenage girls who get an abortion has also fallen: from 2,895 in 2008 to 2,051 last year.

The youngest mother in 2015 was a girl aged 13, according to figures from Statistics Denmark.