Keep dreaming Bing: White Christmas looking highly unlikely

DMI hangs its hat on Denmark only enjoying nine since 1900

As the month of December hails the approach of Christmas, Bing Crosby’s ‘I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas’ is oft played on the radios across Denmark.

And that’s fitting, because with just over two weeks to go before the Danes dance around the tree, that’s what a white Christmas will probably look like in Denmark this year. Nought but a dream.

According to national weather forecaster DMI, the chances of snow blanketing the Danish landscape on Christmas Eve remain very small.

“From week 51, indications are that we will see colder weather than now, so temperatures during Christmas will most likely be between freezing and five degrees C,” DMI wrote.

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Betting on Bornholm
While Christmas Eve celebrations look destined to take place without the sparkles of falling snowflakes, the chance of snow increases at the end of December when temperatures are expected to further drop.

Actually, Danes are probably quite accustomed to spending Christmas without flurries and snowbanks. According to DMI, Denmark has only experienced a white Christmas nine times since 1900 – the most recent being in 2010.

But there is still hope. DMI’s definition of a white Christmas is for 90 percent of the nation to be covered by snow that is at least half a centimetre thick.

Bornholm could be a good destination for those yearning for a white Christmas. In 2010, the island got over a metre of the good powder.