Danish students collecting socks for the homeless

Lucie Rychla
December 12th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

‘Snaps & sokker’ initiative aims at keeping people’s feet warm in the winter

Six Danish students from the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA) have started a project that aims to provide socks for the homeless.

The ‘Snaps & sokker’ collection began as a school charity project, but has since attracted great public interest on social media.

“We wanted to donate money to a place where we could actually make a difference, and that’s why we chose Mændenes Hjem [Danish organisation for the homeless],” Sofie Josefine Dydensborg, a 20-year old student from KEA, told Metroxpress.

There they learnt that the garment in highest demand were socks, and thus the idea for ‘Snaps & sokker’ was formed.

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“Many are not aware that socks are in short supply among the homeless. And especially with this weather, it’s important to have warm feet,” Dydensborg explained.

Although, the school project officially ended last Thursday, the students have decided to continue the campaign until December 24.

So far they have collected over 300 pairs of socks.

While most of the donations will be spent on socks, a small portion of the money will be used for Xmas schnapps for people at the Mændenes Hjem shelter in Vesterbro.

You can support the cause with a donation via Mobilepay on 6024 9906.


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