It’s official: Hygge part of new Denmark Canon

Nation unveils ten values it wants to be identified with going forward

Following a nationwide survey, Denmark has released a new canon that indicates which values the nation wants to be identified with going forward.

The Denmark Canon, which was established by the former culture minister, Bertel Haarder, includes ten values that include equality, freedom and … of course … ‘hygge’!

“The Denmark Canon has been established during a time when there is growing concern about the future – many people are uncertain about our common value foundation,” said Haarder.

“The ten values that people have now chosen are an expression of the most important current and future societal values: our common cultural DNA. And it’s a step towards a more clear vision for our culture, which I believe is essential for the bonds that hold Danish society together.”

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Bertel’s brainchild
The canon, which was launched by Haarder in June, received 2,425 proposals from citizens, students, clubs, politicians, associations, organisations and culture personalities.

Six curators then narrowed down the list to 20 values that over 320,000 Danes voted on.