Police confident they have located weapon used to kill officer in Albertslund

A .22 calibre pistol was found by Navy divers in a stream in Taastrup

Copenhagen’s Vestegns Police has located a weapon that it believes was probably used in the killing of a 43-year-old policeman, Jesper Jul, last week in Albertslund.

A .22 calibre pistol, identical to the weapon the police have been searching for since the shooting took place on December 6, was found in a stream in Taastrup near the route the police believe the 26-year-old suspect took after shooting Jul.

“Even though we have arrested the suspected culprit, it was of great importance to the investigation to find the weapon, and we have been searching for it non-stop this week,” said Svend Foldager, a police inspector in the western suburbs of Greater Copenhagen.

“So it’s really good news that it looks like the weapon has been found. If it proves to be the weapon used in the shooting, it shows which way the perpetrator ran, and that way you can tie the weapon and the escape route together, which is important.”

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Forensic tests
The weapon, reportedly stolen from a shooting club by the suspect, will undergo forensic firearm examinations to accurately ascertain whether it was the gun used in the shooting.

The pistol was found by divers from the Danish Navy who were helping the police in their search.

The 26-year-old arrested shortly after the shooting remains in custody.