Danish research third most cited among OECD countries

Nation also spends the most on research carried out in the public sector

Danish research is one of the most cited among the member countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), reveals an annual review published by the Education and Research Ministry.

Denmark ranks third on the list of countries whose research publications are cited most, followed by Iceland and Switzerland.

It is especially research in medicine, health sciences and engineering that is being used most by other researchers.

Furthermore, Denmark ranks second in the number of published research publications per capita. It is only surpassed by Switzerland.

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Funded by foundations
“It is research that will help us prepare for the future,” stated the education and research minister, Søren Pind.

“Therefore, it is crucial that Danish research has a high quality and can be used by other researchers and the business community.”

According to the report ‘Forskningsbarometer 2016’, Denmark spends the most on research carried out in the public sector, but much less is invested in research in the private sector.

Pind therefore urges private companies to invest more in research and development, either on their own or in co-operation with universities.

The analysis has found that large parts of the Danish research compared with other countries is funded by foundations and organisations, and that much of it is based on co-operation between the public and the private sector.