Storm Urd breaks trees and causes flooding in parts of Denmark

No-one has been reported injured

Hurricane-strength storm Urd that battered Denmark from Monday evening to Tuesday morning has left the country relatively unscathed.

No-one has been reported killed or injured as a result of the storm and material damage is not very high either, according to the police.

Municipalities have reported some fallen trees, damaged wires and flooded cottages at the fjords in Zealand.

The insurance company Tryg has as of this morning received about 200 claims, but expects the figure to increase during the day. Most claims are regarding smaller damages such as broken roof tiles.

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Elevated water levels
Henriette Døssing, the spokesperson for North Zealand Police, commended Danish citizens for following official warnings and regulatory recommendations.

The town of Thorsminde on the west coast of Jutland was hit the hardest with winds reaching the speed of 37.8 m/s, while residents of Jyllinge at the east coast of Roskilde Fjord continue to fight flash floods.

DMI expects the elevated water levels to culminate during the day, while emergency units are building dams to protect residential areas from being flooded.

Storm Urd greatly affected traffic in Denmark. Many ferry departures were cancelled and the Øresund Bridge and the Great Belt Bridge were closed for a few hours during the night.