Another lean year for holidays in 2017

But they’ll have to wait until Easter to enjoy the first bank holiday

Danes will get nine days off in 2017 thanks to bank holidays – one more than in 2016, but still four fewer than in 2014.

There will be a total of 221 working days and 105 weekend days in the Danish calendar.

As usual, the Danes will have to wait until Easter to enjoy their first bank holiday, which falls on Thursday April 13 and is then followed by two more on April 14 and 17.

Three days off will then follow in May: May 1 (Labour Day – a holiday for public sector workers plus selected union members), May 12 (Great Day of Prayers) and May 25 (Ascension Day).

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Solar and lunar eclipse
Grundlovsdag (Constitution Day – another holiday for public sector workers) and 2. pinsedag (Whit Monday) both fall on the same day in 2017 – Monday June 5 – which is also the last bank holiday in Denmark until Christmas.

Denmark’s extra day in 2017 is the result of only one of the Christmas days falling on a weekend: December 24, which falls on a Sunday. December 25 and 26 accordingly provide two extra days off, but December 31 will once again not.

The year of 2017 will also bring two Friday the 13ths (in January and October) and two total eclipses in Europe – one lunar (February 10) and one solar (August 21).