Copenhagen to triple number of cargo bike stands

Every specially designed parking space costs 20,000 kroner

Copenhagen Municipality has announced plans to more than triple the number of special parking spaces for cargo bikes and trailers.

The capital is thus building on the success of its 2015 project, when 10 specially designed parking stands were placed in Østerbro.

Morten Kabell, the deputy mayor for transport and environment, does not rule out the possibility that in some cases parking spaces for cargo bikes will replace parking spaces for cars.

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Better than cars
“They [the cargo bikes] help us to meet our climate and environmental goals and reduce congestion,” Kabell told DR.

“A cargo bike takes very little space compared to a car, so there are benefits if car owners take their bikes instead.”

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Free of charge
Initially, the new stands will be put up in the city centre and Østerbro, while the rest of the capital will get them over the course of 2017 and 2018.

The installation of every specially designed parking stand for cargo bikes and trailers costs about 20,000 kroner.

Kabell said their use will continue to be free of charge to encourage more people to use them.