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Danish arrest linked to South Korean president’s impeachment grabs international headlines

Police have just 24 hours to decide whether to charge Chung Yoo-ra with illegally staying in the country

Five South Korean nationals were arrested in Aalborg last night under suspicion they are illegally staying in the country.

However, this is no ordinary case, and it has grabbed the attention of the international media.

One of those under custody is Chung Yoo-ra, 20, the daughter of a confidant of South Korean President Park Geun-hye, who a special investigation team want to question in connection with the leader’s impeachment.

Europe-wide hunt
In recent days, South Korea’s foreign ministry has been making great efforts to track her down, enlisting the help of the German authorities and even Interpol.

But in the end, it was thanks to a number of South Korean journalists at JTBC TV that the Danish police were able to find her in the north Jutland city last night at 19:00.

Questionable paperwork
It is believed that Chung had the necessary visa to partake in equestrian training in Germany, but that the ministry has subsequently tried to invalidate it.

The authorities in Denmark, which has an extradition treaty with South Korea, reportedly have until 19:00 today to charge Chung will illegally staying in Denmark.

Ongoing impeachment
Chung’s mother Choi Soon-sil has been a central figure in the ongoing scandal that has seen President Park impeached by her country’s parliament.

However, a final decision needs to be ratified by the Constitutional Court, which could take months.

The lawyer representing Chung, who is in custody with her one-year-old child, has said she is prepared to co-operate and answer questions connected to her alleged interference with her academic record and other unspecified charges.

Chung has represented her country in dressage, winning gold in the team event at the 2014 Asian Games.