Nearly 270 Danes injured by fireworks

In 89 cases, the victims were kids aged under 15

Some 267 Danes were this year treated for fireworks injuries, according to figures from Odense University Hospital.

In 37 cases, the injuries were serious. Of these, only three people were wearing safety glasses.

The vast majority were injured by certified fireworks products.

Three-quarters of the victims were men, and in 89 cases, the injured parties were under the age of 15.

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Kids harmed despite warnings
According to Dr Jens Lauritsen, the number of firework injuries has been more or less the same since 1997 – the year he started taking note of the cases.

“One would expect that this year parents would take more care of their children with all the focus on child injuries,” Lauritsen told DR.

Last year, hospitals treated 97 children for fireworks injuries – the most for eight years. Nearly half of them were aged 7-11.

The statistics do not reveal whether the injuries were caused by technical issues or by improper handling.