Only 167 days until summer, Denmark … meanwhile cold and snow is on the way

DMI makes a bold snow prediction for Copenhagen

Temperatures will fall during the day throughout Denmark and some of the country will see snow showers.

Freezing temperatures and northwesterly winds passing over the relatively warm waters around the country could bring snow to northern Jutland, Funen and areas of southern Zealand. Accumulations could be as little as 1–2  centimetres up to 5 centimetres in some areas overnight.

Salt lorries at the ready in Copenhagen
National weather service DMI is boldly predicting snow in Copenhagen, but a sum total of zero centimetres! Oddly enough, it’s the same prediction it could make for, say, a 23-degree July day, but so far it looks like it could be accurate, as there have been a few isolated snowflakes in the city centre today.

The risk of a once-in-100-year storm surge in waters causing flooding around the country still exists tonight.