Denmark exporting clean air for billions

Over 500 companies capitalising on a growing market overseas

According to a new report from the Food and Environment Ministry, Danish companies have managed to gain a foothold in other nations when it comes to exporting clean air solutions.

The report (here in Danish) revealed that Danish firms export clean air solutions for over 7 billion kroner annually – a figure that looks poised to further improve in the future.

“We have a growing global market, and we sell some of the best solutions in the world,” said Sara Røpke, a spokesperson at the environmental authority Miljøstyrelsen.

“There is a strong base for generating growth and jobs in Denmark while contributing to solving a very serious environmental dilemma. Many capitals struggle with air pollution, which can lead to closed schools, companies, roads and airports, as well as breathing problems. They need Danish expertise.”

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EU, US and China
Denmark has over 500 companies producing clean air solutions, including Haldor Topsøe, FL Smidth, Alfa Laval and MAN D&T.

The solutions help alleviate a number of areas, such as within shipping, road transport, waste management, power plants, wind turbines, agriculture and construction. Denmark’s main clean air export market is the EU, but the US and China are also significant importers.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), over 7 million people die as a result of air pollution every year.