Freezing temperatures causing dangerous driving conditions in Denmark

Road authority warns commuters of black ice this morning

With temperatures dipping past -13 degrees Celsius, this morning is the coldest this winter. The low temperatures have also made the Danish roads more challenging.

The larger rural roads and motorways have been salted and are ready for the morning traffic, reports the road directorate Vejdirektoratet, but drivers need to be especially aware of ice, particularly black ice, on the roads.

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Be extra careful
Vejdirektoratet urged those driving to work this morning to drive extra carefully and leave home a little earlier than usual.

Areas in and around Mors, Thy and Djursland in Jutland have been deemed high-risk areas in terms of black ice.

Black ice is snow that has melted and then frozen again after being pushed together. Normally, ice and snow is white and easy to spot, but black ice is transparent and difficult to see.

It is the responsibility of the municipalities to salt local routes, so Vejdirektoratet doesn’t have an overview of how slick and icy it is on smaller roads.