Seven out of ten Danes fear Trump

US president-elect poses a threat to peace and stability in the world say Danes

Nearly 70 percent of Danes fully or partially agree that US president-elect Donald Trump poses a threat to peace and stability in the world, according to a YouGov poll conducted for Metroxpress.

Mette Nøhr Claushøj, who calls herself a ‘US expert’, agreed with the assessment.

“I am frightened that Trump is actually insane and apparently has an extremely fragile ego, and that’s a dangerous combination,” said Claushøj.

And he’s not even in office yet
She said Trump’s instability posed a threat to US foreign policy around the world.

“I think there is good reason to fear that Trump could pose a threat to peace and stability in the world,” she said.

Political commentator David Trads also feared what he sees as the president-elect’s instability.

“Trump has said so many terrifying things that one fears could become a reality,” he said.

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“He is a man whose actions could stall international collaborations and create conflicts that cast doubt on NATO and the co-operation between the EU and the United States.”