Politicians want annual two-month cap on Airbnb rentals in Copenhagen

City mayor hopeful of a similar deal to the one struck by Amsterdam

Several politicians in Copenhagen want to limit the number of days that homeowners can rent out their property in the capital via Airbnb, the peer-to-peer online rentals marketplace.

The politicians would like to see a deal similar to one recently reached in the Netherlands where Airbnb removes rental ads for any property that has been rented out for more than 60 days in one year.

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“On the basis of the agreement reached in Amsterdam, I will contact Airbnb and see if we can make a similar agreement,” Copenhagen Lord Mayor Frank Jensen told DR P4 Copenhagen.

Jensen said that setting a maximum ceiling would prevent Airbnb rentals from turning into illegal hotel operations.

More room for students
The social and health deputy mayor, Ninna Thomsen, would also like to see a limit placed on Airbnb.

“That is exactly the model we need in Copenhagen to prevent rooms from being rented on a yearly basis via Airbnb,” said Thomsen.

“Those rooms could instead be rented to students who need inexpensive lodging.”

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