Storm-force winds thrashing Denmark today

Packing potent winds, snow, sleet and rising water levels, today’s weather is volatile to say the least

The national weather forecaster DMI has sent out a triple-headed alert this morning featuring a mixed palette of storm winds, snow and rising water levels.

Storm-force winds have already battered the west coast of Denmark this morning, and they will make their way to the Øresund region and the rest of Denmark by around noon.

DMI warns that the strong winds could blow tiles off roofs, break larger branches and even topple trees.

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Traffic impact
The storm could also bring heavy sleet and snow to parts of the country (Bornholm could see an outright blizzard) while other parts of Denmark will see rising sea levels, particularly on the west coast of Jutland.

DMI recommends leaving home in good time as the weather conditions may affect traffic. Falling trees may also impact train service in parts of the country.

The yellow area denotes strong weather and the orange area denotes dangerous weather. The blue indicates a risk of strong weather (photo: DMI)