Egyptian man arrested for smuggling migrants into Britain via Danish port

Immigrants moved from port of Esbjerg to the UK hidden in trucks

Southern Jutland Police arrested a 39-year-old Egyptian man on Thursday in connection with a major case of human smuggling.

The suspect appeared at a closed-door preliminary hearing in Esbjerg on Friday morning. He will be held and tried in Denmark.

“Human smuggling has taken place via the port of Esbjerg involving several people being smuggled to Britain,” said police.

“The investigation was done in close co-operation with the UK authorities and Europol.

Investigation continuing
Police said there have been a number of cases involving migrants fleeing to the UK while hidden in trucks.

“We became aware of the situation some time ago,” deputy police inspector Jeppe Kjærgaard told Ekstra Bladet.

“I will not comment on the Egyptian’s role. We have not finished interrogating him.”

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Kjærgaard confirmed that the man had taken part in “several episodes” of human smuggling, but declined to give an exact number.