Your Excellency, you’re expected by Her Majesty!

The ambassadors of (left-right) Japan, South Korea, Morocco, Argentina, Romania, Canada and Greece were among the newbies nervously (perhaps) waiting to be presented to Queen Magrethe II at the queen’s reception for the diplomatic corps at Christiansborg Palace on January 3

It can be intimidating meeting a monarch, which explains why she’s smiling

After all, she’s always got plenty of back-up

And don’t forget the support, and star appeal, of these two: the Crown Prince Couple, Frederik and Mary

The wait is always worth it – among those in the queue were Indian ambassador Rajeev Shahare (third right)

And this year the privilege of going first fell to Mina Marie Baldé Laurent (Ivory Coast), the longest serving ambassador in Denmark who is now the dean of the diplomatic corps following the departure of Moroccan ambassador Raja Ghannam

Such occasions give CPH POST a great chance to catch up on all the ambassadors who are either new to these shores, or rarely seen, often because their main base is somewhere else in the Nordics, like in Stockholm.

Among the new or rarely seen European ambassadors were:

Alexander Ostrovsky (Belarus)

Skender Xhakaliu (Kosovo)

Haris Basic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Henk Swarttouw (the Netherlands)

Ginte Damusis (Lithuania)

Janet Lowe (New Zealand)

Efthalia Kakiopoulou (Greece)

Khadija Rouissi (Morocco)

Emi Furuya (Canada)

Dominic Schroeder (UK)

Fredrik Jörgensen (Sweden)

Mihai-Alexandru Gradinar (Romania)

Juan Pablo Chain (Bolivia)

Conrado Solari Yrigoyen (Argentina)

Karan Singh Thakral (Singapore)

Muhammad Ibnu Said (Indonesia)

Jai Chul Choi (South Korea)

Toshiro Suzuki (Japan)


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