Tivoli opening a new concert venue in the spring

‘Orangeriet’ will feature, flowers, exotic plants and a concert stage.

Denmark’s venerable amusement park Tivoli has been working on a project for several years: a concert venue filled with rare flowers and exotic trees.

The new location, dubbed Orangeriet, will open in April. Tivoli has called the spot “classic, relaxed, exotic and nostalgic”.

“Orangeriet will include a stage hosting music every day, and there will be a plant expert at hand to offer advice,” said Tivoli press officer Torben Plank.

A continuing legacy of change
Architect Jesper Andersen said that he designed the building to be a “treat for the senses that exudes both tradition and innovation”.

The greenhouse will also include space for TV productions to be made. The new building will replace the Harmony Pavilion between the Chinese Tower and the Nimb Terrace.

“Tivoli is constantly reinventing itself, and we have a long history in botany,” said Plank.

The cost of the construction was about 20 million kroner, according to Tivoli.