Denmark and Japan celebrating diplomatic anniversary in style

From exhibitions and art to jazz and performance, 2017 will be brimming with Japanese culture

Denmark and Japan will celebrate 150 years of diplomatic relations by launching a joint culture initiative this week.

Crown Prince Frederik, the culture minister, Mette Bock, and the interim Japanese foreign minister, Nobuo Kishi, will kick off proceedings with the opening of the special exhibition ‘Japanomania in the Nordics 1875-1918’ tomorrow at the National Gallery of Denmark.

20th century Danish design, for example, was heavily influenced by Japanese art.

Essential impact
“The many years of close relations between Denmark and Japan have had an essential impact on Danish culture,” said Bock.

“And the exhibition at the National Gallery of Denmark is a fine expression for how Denmark’s cultural history has been inspired by Japanese tradition. I’m pleased that the museum will also unveil the original treaty from 1867.”

The culture effort will consist of exhibitions, concerts, animation and film festivals, theatre, art and a focus on architecture, and craftsmanship and design in an initiative that will run for the duration of 2017.