Danish wives who cheat wait an average 5.8 years before doing so

Pisceans are the biggest flight risk, apparently

No month is complete without another groundbreaking study by Victoria Milan, a dating website for married and cohabiting couples who want to be unfaithful.

Following its shocking revelations in December that those born under Pisces are the most likely to be unfaithful – conducting a whopping 10.2 percent (well, slightly more than a 12th) of all affairs on the site – it has placed married women in Denmark in sixth place in its survey of which northern European nations are most likely to stray.

The site has compiled statistics on how long a woman waits between her nuptials and looking elsewhere, and it finds that unfaithful Danish women wait an average 5.8 years after getting married at an average age of 31.9.

It trailed Ireland (3.6), Sweden (4.1) and UK (4.4) and Norway in the rankings – pretty much every other country in northern Europe that it surveyed in fact.

“Life is short”
“The results are fascinating because they show how much time many women are willing to invest in their marriage before seeking new adventures,” said Sigurd Vedal, the Norwegian founder of Victoria Milan.

“In Ireland, there is a tendency for married women to initiate an affair three to four years after they were married, which indicates that their hunger for passion is higher than expected.”

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Vidal said that women willing to have affairs were “following their own needs, rather than thinking about society’s reaction. If having an affair helps a woman to rediscover her passion and realise how much she loves her partner, who can judge her? Life is short!”

In case you’re wondering whether you have a keeper, Sagittarius, Scorpio and Capricorn are the star signs least likely to stray.