End of an era at the Irish Rover, and the beginning of a new one

City centre Irish pub is moving 50 metres across Strøget to set up show in a cosier establishment with a beer garden

If you’re out in the centre of the Danish capital this Saturday night, it’s your duty to pop in and say goodbye to a legendary nightspot that has come to the rescue of untold numbers of nightcap ‘rovers’ in the small hours of the morning.

Make that two legends, because from 9pm the Irish Rover’s best-known barman, Kieran Cahill, will be overseeing his final shift at the establishment, which is located at Vimmelskaftet 49 on Strøget, just 100 metres from Gammeltorv and Nytorv.

“He’ll be the last man standing,” the bar staff told CPH POST this morning – yes, 10:00, and they were already open. “Anything can happen with Kieran behind the bar.”

They say goodbye, and they say hello
But don’t remake your Sunday lunch plans just yet, as the Irish Rover will be open for business tomorrow, only this time at its sister venue, The Viking House restaurant, just across Copenhagen’s main walking street.

The Viking House is accordingly changing its name to The Irish Rover, and it will shortly undergo a massive renovation – however, the management are hopeful it can be done without the need to close the bar!

Check out the new beer garden … this summer
While the single-floor establishment is much smaller, it’s going to be cosier and have a big beer garden, which promises to be the go-to spot for lazy pints under the sun in the town centre this summer.

Most importantly, it will still be alive with the Irish country spirit that has emanated through landlord Jono Farrelly, Kieran and their team these past 13 years.

It’s with some reluctance that the Rover is leaving its current location, but the new owner of the building has big plans for the site, and they have already served the occupants of the building’s apartments their notice as well.

Looking to the future, the Irish Rover also has big plans. And in the meantime, don’t let Kieran be the last man standing alone tonight!