Danes building community by eating together

Danish retailer helps bring people together

Denmark’s largest retailer of consumer goods, Coop, and its chain of local supermarkets, Dagli’Brugsen, have launched a new initiative that brings together people living in small towns and villages across Denmark for a shared meal, reports DR.

The ‘Vores Madfællesskab’ (our food community) project aims to help people build a strong local community by organising events where people can eat and ‘hygge’ together.

Lea Holst Laursen, a lecturer of urban and landscape development at Aalborg University, commends the idea as it strongly supports life in rural areas.

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Fighting loneliness
The Danish movement against loneliness, ‘Folkebevægelsen mod Ensomhed’, believes sharing meals helps people feel less lonely.

The group estimates more than 200,000 Danes suffered from loneliness in 2014 and aims to halve that number by 2020 through its arrangements.

Coop has so far supported community meals in Herrested and Sjørup, while new events are currently being planned in Gudumholm, Mørkøv and Rødovre.

Kristina Christensen from Gudumholm, who is looking forward to the upcoming event on February 25, especially appreciates how “one can simply come by and have fun without the need to be a member of a club or an association”.