It’s confirmed: Danes with dual citizenship banned from travelling to the US

SAS has announced it will refund flight tickets booked before January 28

Following the highly-controversial executive order of the new US President Donald Trump, Danes who are also dual citizens of Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Iran and Libya will be denied entry to the US in the next 90 days, confirmed today Rebekah Dramé, the consul at the US Embassy in Copenhagen.

After an initial confusion that citizens with dual nationality from one of the above countries might not be affected by the travel ban, Dramé firmly stated the rule applies also to them, including to those who have already obtained a valid US visa.

The confusion was caused by a statement of the UK government that British citizens with dual nationality will be exempt from Trump’s executive order.

However, the US Embassy in London issued contradictory guidance this morning.

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Seek refunds on airline tickets
Meanwhile, the US Embassy in Copenhagen encourages people to not schedule nor attend already booked visa appointments and wait to plan their trips to the US until further notice.

Dramé has also advised all affected to contact their airlines about potential refunds on their already booked flights.

SAS has already announced it will refund tickets to the US purchased before January 28 by customers with dual citizenship who are now not allowed to enter the country.

According to Danmark Statistik, there are 57,424 people with a nationality from one of the seven blacklisted countries living in Denmark – a majority of them comes from Syria (29,493), followed by nationals from Iraq (10,131) and Somalia (9,042).

People with dual citizenship may not be included in the statistics.