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Swedes beat out Danes for Russian gas project

The Swedish city of Karlshamn will be the base port of a new Russian gas line project.

The decision to make the Swedish city Karlshamn the base port for the storage of pipes for the Nord Stream 2 project takes the port of Rønne on Bornholm out of contention. Bornholm will miss out on 100 million kroner and jobs.

The pipes will be used for a gas pipeline from Russia to Germany being laid on the Baltic seabed.

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Flip flop
It looked like Bornholm was shoo-in after politicians on the Swedish island of Gotland – under pressure from the Swedish government – originally turned down the Russian offer.

But yesterday, a majority of the Karlshamn municipal council voted that the city’s port could indeed be used for the Russian project, and Margot Wallström, the Swedish foreign minister, said she would not prevent the city from leasing the property to the project.